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Kujichagulia is the second installment in the Series The Seven Truths as Told By Toomer!  Kujichagulia tells the story of three (3) siblings who are confronted with a challenge about their identity and their commitment to one another.  In the story the three stand up to the challenge one by one and overcome the demands of the mgeni which is translated stranger. 


It is a wonderful story of self-determination and teaches the valuable less of choosing for yourself how you see yourself.  It is a great conversation starter about bullying, never allowing others to dictate to you your value or personal sense of worth. 


The Nguzo Saba Tales illustrate the Seven principles of Kwanzaa through real life experiences of children.  Each story assumes the tone of an origin story in a fictional ethnic community in Africa.  Kujichagulia is chocked full with 27 colorful and beautifully drawn illustrations that serve the telling of the story well.  Get your copy on pre-sale today and save.

Tooma and the Second Truth - Kujichagulia

SKU: ngsab_tale_02
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