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About Mortal Breath Publications

“Mortal Breath” is drawn from the verse of the poem  “Life will cease when the poet falls silent” in my first published collection of poetry.  The verse says,

"Society more than needs the poet; it wants the poet,

it covets the gift that transforms human breath into immortal winds"


I believe that there is something almost mystical about human speech. It is the one thing that we have in common regardless of the characteristics that distinguish one from another. Human breath and the sounds created in combination with lips, tongue, palate, and vocal cords are the most authentic miracle of human life.

Everything in our lives moves on the Eternal Winds of Mortal Breath.

Mortal Breath Publications is one of the registered publishing imprints of Weboniqs Media, LLC. 


Mortal Breath Publications provides its website,, as the primary point of sale for the published works or Garry M. Spotts and others. Mortal Breath publications serve as the brand portal for marketing, selling, and hosting the books published.

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