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, "Tooma And The First Truth:  Umoja,"   is a simple tale of friendship and generosity about a young girl, Umoja.


As Umoja does something special for her friends, she hits a challenge and learns that she is not able to solve the problem by herself.  Enlisting the help of friends, she overcomes the challenge and those who joined her share in the fruit of generosity.


It is an original story written to teach truths that are timeless and important for our children and families to learn and practice. The tale of Umoja offers life-affirming images that reflect the beauty of children and families of African heritage across the world. 


Though the characters are all people of color, it is appropriate for children of every kind as the lessons it teaches; it transcends race, creed, color, or gender.  The title character's name Umoja draws from the 1st of the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa (The Nguzo Saba).  The first principle comes to life in the 36 pages of Umoja's beautiful illustration and engaging narrative. 

Tooma and The First Truth - Umoja

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