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An Ode the Life of the Flower

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

How cruel is the hand that crushes a flower?

Its innocence can not be debated,

its beauty widely and fully known.

It reaches for the Sun while gripping the Earth.

It is the embodiment of hope,

the express manifestation of faith.

What died in the ground is born again in beauty & purpose.

How like flowers we are,

reaching for the Sky as we spring from the dirt beneath us.

Diverse in its majesty,

splendid in its display yet indifferent to difference around it.

A flower wants but one thing

to reach from its roots upward &

to bloom spreading its glory for the world to share.

No more, no less!

How cruel the hand that crushes a flower!

Meditations on life Garry M. Spotts

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