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Welcome To Mortal Breath Publications

Garry's Latest Book - In Humanity

In Humanity is a statement of my anger, near bitterness and deep pain!  It is a protest!  It includes eleven (11) written pieces that cover the gamut of protest and anger.  It is personal, and corporate. 


I offer this small book in hope that you will find in it expression for your anger, angst and a statement that resonates with the pain that is felt by Black and Brown people in this country.  There are audio recordings of each piece available.  "In Humanity" will be available in printed format here at Mortal Breath and on Amazon Books as a download. 

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Listen To The Free Audio Book - In Humanity Click Here To Listen - It's Free

Let me tell you a quick story  to illustrate why I created Mortal Breath Publications

As I turned the pages while reading “Why The Mandiaka Laughs?” to my 7-year-old grandson, he interrupted me with a question.  He said, “Granddaddy, are all the people in this book Black?”  I said, “Yes, they are.”  I looked at his face as his head rested on my chest under my left arm as I answered his question and a smile broke across his innocent little face.  In that moment I knew I have not done enough.

His pride and delight at reading a book that reflected his face on every page was a great source of pride, joy and inspiration to me.  For this reason, above all else, I write children’s books.  I will continue to write for every Black and Brown child who smiles at the appearance of their reflection in the books they read.

Why the Mandiaka Laughs - cover mock up_

Children's Books

Books written for and about Black and Brown children and families, to inspire and teach.

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Discipled Living

Books and Materials designed to empower your discipleship and fellowship as a follower of Jesus.

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Poetry, Inspirational Books & Art for daily inspiration to grow and become the greater you.

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